• Disaster Relief

    Storage. Logistics. Distribution. The Christian Alliance is able to expedite tons of needed emergency provisions and humanitarian aid to thousands awaiting relief.
  • Hunger Relief

    We have delivered more than 128 million meals, 1 million seed packets, 17 million glasses of milk, and 20 million glasses of water & other drinks.
  • Medical Relief

    The Christian Alliance for Humanitarian Aid has delivered over $4,000,000 in Over The Counter Medicines, and over $44,000,000 in Prescription Medicines.  We also build mobile medical clinics (MMCs) inside shipping containers.
  • Mobile Medical Clinics

    Christian Alliance partners with local churches to build and ship Mobile Medical Clinics. When sending the clinics, we stuff them full of requested supplies, and any other aid we have on hand in our inventory.
  • Poverty Relief

    We work locally, nationally and internationally to provide hunger and poverty relief to areas in need.  In addition to the food and water delivered, we have shipped 63 containers of books, and over 5 million clothing items.
  • Who We Are

    Christian Alliance is an ecumenical group of concerned people working together to offer community, regional, national and international relief support, while using our facilities and ministry as a focal point for volunteers to receive missions training.
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