According to James in the New Testament, “faith without works is dead.” Christian Alliance for Humanitarian Aid seeks to answer the needs of the poor, the hungry and the sick through the “works” of collecting, sorting, and distributing food, water and medical supplies to those most in need. We as Christians therefore become instruments and examples of our faith made active. In this way, we are able to fulfill the commands of Jesus to love and serve one another. In the various ways to serve, Christian Alliance recognizes the need for volunteers of all ages, cultures, denominations and talents.

Christian Alliance could not operate without the faithful support of its volunteers. We are a low overhead organization with few staff. Christian Alliance welcomes individual as well as group volunteers. Some of our activities, like packing beans and rice, provide an excellent way to introduce young people to mission ministry while also providing food to the poor. There are also activities, like general clean up, where youth groups can assist. Please call ahead to schedule a time and verify the number and ages of members in your group. We ask that children be supervised by parents or adults members in your group.

Volunteers Needed:

  • Office Administrative: Answering the phone, filing, general office and accounting skills.
  • Grant Writer/Development: Part time to help identify additional funding in support of Christian Alliance.
  • Doctors and Nurses: to volunteer at one of our medical clinic sites.
  • Pharmacist: To sort and identify donated medicines for appropriate distribution to clinics and for emergency relief.

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